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What is Tax Refund?
A tax refund or tax rebate is a refund on taxes when the tax liability is less than the taxes paid


What is a W2 Form?
A W-2 form reports an employee’s annual wages and the amount of taxes withheld from his or her paycheck.


I will mail my W2 to IRS!
Over 100 million people filed their taxes electronically last year. Electronic filing (e-file) makes filing your taxes easier, reduces the risk of error, and you’ll receive your refund faster. The IRS can help you find an authorized e-file provider in your area.



FAQ’s On E-Filling

What is electronic filing (e-filing)?
Electronic filing means you transmit your return to the IRS by computer instead of you mailing it to them by U.S. Mail.


What is the advantage of electronic filing?
The advantage is that you receive your refund in about two weeks instead of the usual ten weeks. Another advantage is there are fewer IRS errors because human data entry is eliminated.


How long does the whole electronic filing/refund process take?
Your refund should arrive within 8 to 11 days of being e-filed. Average total time – about one to two weeks.

How much does it cost to electronic file?
Typically Electronic filing costs anywhere from $14 to $20 based on your W2 .


Based on our interaction with many customers in the past, they have cited a couple of tax preparer’s as a preferred company of choice for E filling,

TURBO TAX                        H&R BLOCK


Questions to be asked

How much do you anticipate in your tax refunds this year?
I haven’t filed yet, still waiting for my W2.

What was the amount you received last year?
Assuming the consumer responds positively (see below)

Reason I ask is, while you may have creditors to take care of … Amex is ONE, who want to establish the relationship with you again.

You are eligible for RI /OA …. And customers during this time of the year, utilize the TR money to either pay in full or pay down a sizeable amount of their balance on the account to grab this wonderful opportunity available..

Bring in the “Use of having an active credit card in future “(POI)”



CM’s eligibility for /RI/OASIS should be well stressed, so that AMEX card is the “CARD of choice” he pays..NCI should be the “Agency of choice” he pays …

Discuss on Best time to call, good #s… Exchange Toll Free Number… Follow up date and time …

Avoid taking Post Dated Checks for future date or month, if cm claims refund will take more than 15 days, settle for an upfront good faith payment instead

Assert the fact that this is the best time to make them eligible for incentives/settlements & consequence on losing opportunity in future (use POI: Scarcity/Social Proof

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