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Speak: We have a way to work this out, Mr./Ms.XXX . At this time I am authorized to help you with one more option which is a settlement since this is time bound offer & trust me, not every customer is eligible for this wonderful offer. This will help you save a huge portion of the balance(mention the savings amount) and at the same time help you close this debt once & for all

Instruction: If cm interested, offer $ amount payable within a week or 10 days (give exact date to cm)

Instruction: Wait for the response. If consumer does not agree; click here to go to SIF in parts. If consumer agrees; click here to go to payment options.

Instruction: If the consumer still does not agree

Speak: This is a time sensitive offer and if I don’t have a commitment from you today (or specify time) I do not guarantee you, that the same offer will be available at a later time & as NCI is not obligated to renew the same. Furthermore, the balance will be due in full.

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