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Benefits of Reinstatement: [Only for OSBN Charge Card]

Amex still values the relationship they had with you and they want to give you another chance,

so they have tagged your account with this prestigious offer.

Wherein once you pay-off the entire balance, I can help you get the same AMEX card reinstated with the same Anniversary date,

and all the membership reward points which were fortified when the card was cancelled will also be given back to you in this Reinstatement program.

And, Mr. XXXX, the best part (pause for 2 Sec) there is an added benefit and I will quickly do a 3 way call with AMEX CBR team, so that you can hear it from them directly.


Benefits of Reinstatement: [All Amex Charge Cards]

Speak: When I compare about what happened in the past and what you are going to gain if you go for the incentives placed by Amex then this would be on the higher side.

I have seen customers immediately change their mind about how they want to deal on their accounts after listening to the program .

Having said I am happy to tell you that even though this card is cancelled, I can help you re-instate the same card back and not only that, Even the anniversary date would be the same on this card.

The global limit on this card would be 20% of the balance on this card.

Now let me break the biggest surprise, do you remember that you had accumulated some membership points when the card was active which were forfeited when the card was cancelled, But by going for this program even those forfeited points will be given back to you..As part of the arrangement, a payment must be made each month.

Also, it is important for you to know that if you have any other American Express accounts that may be cancelled and in collections, these balances must be paid in full as well.

NOTE: The global limit on the card will be 20% of the current outstanding balances on all the unpaid delinquent accounts. As a part of the Customer identification process (CIP) someone from American Express Reinstatement team will call you to verify basic information such as YOB, SSN and Address.

Benefits: The charge card reinstatement program offer includes the following benefits

  • The same card type is reinstated
  • The Card Member retains the original anniversary date

Previously forfeited membership reward points are reinstated as regular membership reward points “I would like to help you to have your same Amex charge card reinstated. Once the card is reinstated you will get:

  • The same card type
  • Retain the original anniversary date
  • Previously forfeited membership reward points are reinstated as regular membership reward points

Terms of the offer:“It is important for you to know that all cancelled American Express accounts must be paid in full and all non-cancelled accounts must be paid current prior to reinstatement.”

Speak: “The final payment may take up to 4 – 5 weeks to clear and the card reinstatement may take up to 30 to 40 days after the funds have cleared.”

“The American Express Reinstatement Team will call you after the final payment has cleared to perform customer Identification, confirm Card Member acceptance and process the reinstatement request and the card will be reinstated 2 – 3 weeks after reinstatement has been processed.”

“Reinstatement of Membership Reward point’s takes an additional two weeks after the card is reinstated. (“..which includes points from any linked accounts”)

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