Principles Of Influence

Last updated: March 11, 2019
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  • I know how it feels when you do not have the money to pay for something.
  • My job is to work with you to reach the best possible solution
  • Congratulations on your  New job // promotion // Baby // You have a settlement offer // New card offer
  • I would like to thank you for your commitment.
  • This is one of our most sought-after programs. I am glad you qualify!
  • I noticed when I worked out this plan that you may also be eligible for a specialized payment plan offer as well. Let me discuss this second offer with you.
  • A lot of the times we don’t plan to have this happen to us , just certain circumstances in our life make it a little difficult
  • Listen for things in the background like children or pets, something that you may be able to comment on that you have in common, like sports, food etc.
  • Paraphrase to show that you understand and that you are listening.
  • Research has shown that we like 3 types of people:- The 3 C’s
  • We like people who have something in Common with us.
  • We like people who Compliment us.
  • We like people who we see as Collaborating or doing something with us



  • We may be able to work out some options that you did not think of. Let’s take a few minutes together to see what I can qualify you for. In the past, I have been able to help my customers have a lot of success finding solutions to resolve their debt.
  • Each individual situation varies and that’s why I can tailor make a plan for you that will be in you best interest
  • I have a definite plan that works for everyone who is going through these circumstances
  • I have spoken with numerous people just like you and because they were willing to work together I have been able to show them ways to resolve their issues “TRUST ME”  the advantage will be yours & my clients need also gets satisfied
  • I understand you might feel that because of your situation there aren’t any options, but most people are not aware that there are several alternatives that will allow them to resolve the problem over a period of time
  • I am a senior member within my group and because of my performance record, management approves all arrangements that I work on



  • This money saver option is your choice today but tomorrow it maybe only a chance or may not be there at all I  cannot guarantee about that at this point in time [USE THIS FOR SETTLEMENT only]
  • I do not guarantee you IF the same will be available & we are not obligated to renew the same &  you may have to pay the entire balance of $XXX [USE THIS FOR SETTLEMENT only]
  • It would be in your best interest to make arrangements with me at this time against allowing this account to move to further collections
  • If you have the time and information at hand we could review the options and check what best plan could be made available to you before the offer expires.
  • The settlement provided to you is based o your hardship to ease the burden of your financial constraint. This will help you save a huge amount $XXX & at the same time get rid of this debt once & for all However if I do not have a commitment today. I do not guarantee you IF the same will be available in the future & we are not obligated to renew the offer.
  • If you do not make reasonable arrangements today by taking steps to resolve this account; our ability to assist you may lessen. Getting started today with payments is extremely important.



  • The most popular step most of my customers have taken is by paying their balance in full to get a new card. This can be achieved by paying the total amount upfront whereas some customers chose to do pay their debts in parts. I am willing to work with you on this
  • I can be your guide to help you through this. There are a lot of other people like you working with me to resolve their situation
  • I have been dealing with people who are in similar situation & there’s no immediate need to worry, let me help you to save the worry in future too.
  • Most card members I have known are those who have faced intense hardship… suffering…,struggle…&  loss,  and together we have found solutions  to be debt  free. This may sound painful &  to you  but  in  the end  the achievement will be yours
  • I am sure You know “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step in this case you need to take a step forward & I’ll be there with you till you have reached your destination. You will be debt free like all others who have taken this initiative



  • I’ll do anything I can, within reason, to help you. If you co-operate
  • This is one of our most sought-after programs. I am glad you qualify!
  • Further collection activity may occur and I want to help you avoid that.
  • While American Express obviously cannot eliminate your debt, perhaps we can come to an arrangement that works for everyone. I have several options to share with you and I am sure we can work together today to get this resolved. this is what I can do for you!
  • The OPTIONS provided to you is based o your hardship to ease the burden of your financial obligation. This will help you save a huge amount $XXX & at the same time get rid of this debt with once & for all
  • Reciprocity  [is amplified if the giving is large, specific to the person and not planned In order to feel obligated]
  • CM must first know what he/she IS getting something.
  • The thing CARD-MEMBER is getting must be AMPLIFIED AS A value to her/him [Saving a lot of money, use the saved money for something else, , Free assistance, free check by phone]
  • PEOPLE  give in equally when the other person does [Offer PPA / Resolution options /Say its tailor made especially for you]
  • By advising the positive outcome of this arrangement [1 less debt to worry about, no more phone calls peace of mind]




  • I’m sure you’d agree that resolving your issues are also your priority?
  • You would like me to work with you to resolve this matter, wouldn’t you”
  • This debt is on your mind & you want to see it go away forever correct!
  • I am going to look for a payment option that will work for you & that’s what you want correct.


WIIFM [What’s In It For Me]

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