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This is a Corporate card call my company?This card was a corporate card however the card that was issued to you was an expanded protection card which simply means that if the company doesn’t pay this the liability is on you as this card was issued under your name and socials and may be affecting you and not your company.
My company never paid me the amount.The company did not pay you back because I think that you might have missed In submitting your expenses. Once the expenses are submitted the company validates the charges and if they find any personal charges they do not reimburse for the same. You might have been late in submitting for your expenses and also the company does not take the liability to pay the late fees and interest.
I never got a chance to file my expensesAt that time you did not get the chance to file for expenses but did you make an attempt to try and get in touch with someone who could help you file for your expenses. That is an issue between you and your former employer and not with American express and you need to take it up with your employer.
I need to speak to my company and get back to you.I don’t mind you speaking to your company but this account was last paid in (CHECK DLP). I don’t see your company paying this now if they had to pay it they would have done it long time back. I have incredible offers for you, which you can take advantage of and still continue your fight with your company to see if they can pay you back. And if your company refused to pay this, you will still be benefited with the offers.
The card was charged after I left the company.When did u leave the company (Check card cancel date).
Is it the first time you are hearing about this?
It was your responsibility to make sure the card was cancelled and closed before leaving the organization.
When you knew that The card was charged after you left The company then why Dint you get In touch with someone from The company and notify them about the same.
When I left the company there was a zero balance.Check CM (GN Notes).
Inform about the missed payments before card was cancelled due to which late fees and interest would have been added up.
I want to dispute this because corporation owes this.This is a civil dispute between you and your employer and not with American express. Even if we raise a dispute for the same there are possibilities the dispute will be rejected.
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