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Last updated: March 11, 2019
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Instruction: If a third party informs that the consumer is incarcerated, hospitalized or in a Nursing Home, follow the script below.

Speak: Is there anyone else who is handling the finances?

IF “Yes”

Speak: May I have the name and phone number for the person who handles the finances?

Instruction: Wait for the response. If the third party provides the name and phone number of the person who handles the finances, thank him / her and end the call. If the person on the phone confirms that he/she is the one who handles the finances, follow the script below.

Speak: We would need the power of attorney or a court order to be able to discuss this further with you. Can you fax it to us? Our fax number is (provide branch fax number).

Instruction: If the consumer doesn’t have a fax or cannot fax, provide the mailing address, proceed to call closing and request manager review on the account.

If “No”

Instruction: Thank and end the call. Request manager review to move the account to the Branch Uncollectible Drive.

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