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Speak: Are you claiming fraud for specific charges on your account? Or are you claiming that the account was opened fraudulently Opened Fraud

Speak: When were you first aware of the fraudulent activity?

Instruction: Wait for the consumers response.

Speak: Have you contacted American Express to initiate a claim? (If yes) What was the outcome of the claim?

Instruction: Wait for the consumers response.

Speak: Do you know who made the charges? (If yes) What is the contact name/information of the individual who accessed the account?

Instruction: Wait for the consumers response.

Speak: Was a police report ever filed? If yes, what is the report number, police department and police phone number?

Instruction: Cease collection activity on the account and proceed with call closing. Put the numbers ‘On Notice’ and dispose the call appropriately and request manager review to have the fraud raised with American Express.

Instructions: If consumer requests to contact attorney for bankruptcy details, update the attorney details here AI and end the call. If consumer is ready to provide bankruptcy details then continue the script below.

Instructions: Wait for a response.


1. What is the case number?
2. Which date was the case filed?
3. Bankruptcy Chapter number?

Instruction: End the call, put the numbers on notice, dispose the call appropriately, and request manager review

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