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The balance is due in full as per the contractual agreement but since you told us that you don’t have the funds today to pay the balance in full , I would ask you a couple of questions which will help me understand your situation and work out a plan that suits your budget.

  1. Where are you working right now?
  2. What is your job title? since how long are your working over there?
  3. What is the number to reach you there?
  4. What is your take home salary after taxes?
  5. How often do you get paid ( weekly/biweekly)?
  6. What will be your total household income?
  7. What is the mortgage or rent you pay on your house?
  8. Based on your income, you must have $40-$50K in your 401K correct?
  9. Which bank do you bank with?
  10. How much do you average in your checking account after taking care of al your expenses?
  11. How much do you have in your savings
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