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Instructions: If at any point of cm refuses F&C

Speak: Mr./Ms.XXX We need to know the reason why you cannot pay off the balance and this information will help me justify your hardship and customize a payment plan for you as per your convenience.

Instructions: If still refuses F&C

Speak: Mr./Ms.XXX you are requesting additional time to pay the debt, but in order for us to work together toward reaching a resolution, I have to have this information to see if you qualify for new potential offers.

Instruction: Once the consumer agrees return to F&C,run through it swiftly

Instructions: If the consumer continues to refuse, put consumer on hold and get a Manager or Senior collector for a talk-off. Discretion should be used on an account by account basis to determine if insisting on the missing FandC is warranted or if you should instead go to negotiation

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