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Last updated: March 11, 2019
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Collector: We can fax the letter “Name Of letter” with the details of the offer to you if you can provide a fax#?

Card member: Alright. My fax number is ‘XXX-XXX-XXXX’


Collector: Is this a personal fax number or an office fax number?

Card member: This is a (personal / office fax number)


Collector: Mr. (Card Member / Right Party last name) the fax will be sent attention to your name. We should be able to send the fax out to you within the next 3-4 hours, if we are not able to do so, we will call you prior to sending the fax to ensure you are available to receive it. Is it alright with you if we have to call you back?


[If the Fax request is received towards the end of day (After 4pm EST), use the script below]


Collector: “We should be able to send the fax out to you within the next 3 -4 hours. Since it’s the end of day we may not be able to do so. If we are not able to process the fax today, we will send it to you before 12 PM Eastern time tomorrow or _______ (mention the next business day)”


[Mandatory fax consent script to be provided to the CM / RP prior to initiating a fax request]


Collector: “To confirm, you provide your consent to NCI to fax the “letter type” at your “fax #?” [Card member has to provide consent]


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