Debtor Contact Or Broken Promise On A Payment

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Speak: Mr/Ms xxx I’m calling from Nationwide Credit, Inc. regarding your American Express Account. We had come to an agreement on #promiseToPayDate# and we haven’t received the payment you had promised to make. What happened?

Instruction: Let consumer speak

Instruction: Seek a Manager’s Talk-off if talk-off possible, state the system will not allow you to extend the payment at this time without a manager’s assistance, then transition to manager.

Instruction Proceed to the following statement if Manager’s Talk-off is not possible

Speak: Mr./Ms. XXX , I understand and I’d like to help you. We can fix this by setting up an ACH payment right now over the phone.

Instruction: if the consumer objects to the current date.

Speak: If you need more time we can date the ACH for the day you’ll be able to make the payment.

Instruction: If consumer still refuses

Speak: If this is not an option, please know that the payment must be made within the next (Provide Short Time-frame) or your payment arrangement (or settlement) may be void and the full balance may be due. If this happens please understand it will limit my ability to help you.

Speak: I’m calling about your American Express account with a balance of #$$$# . We had agreed that you were going to pay $$$ #promiseToPayAmount# on #promiseToPayDate#.

Our office has received notification that the funds have been returned by your bank, what happened?

Speak: Mr. /Ms. xxx, if we don’t recover the payment than the arrangement ,we have made(settlement) may go void and the entire balance will be due once again. In case of settlement- All the payments that were made so far may be applied towards the principal balance.

Speak: Mr. /Ms xxx , your temporary arrangements have now expired. We are now calling to re-visit your situation to know if we can resolve the balance in full today.

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