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Speak: What is the Name and # of DCA that you are enrolled with

Speak: First of all,I really appreciate d fact that you have at least taken a step forward to resolve all of your debts.I have come across many customers like you, who have taken responsibility of their debts and not loose hope instead

Speak: Since how many months have you been enrolled with them?

Instruction: Wait for the response.

Speak: Have you checked with them how many of your accounts they have resolved till now?

Instruction: Wait for the response.

Speak: I’m sure you are looking to settle all your accounts at a specific %!

Speak: what % are you looking to settle all of ur account?

Speak: Did you check with them why they have not resolved the American Express acct till now?

Speak: Mr.XXX I’m sure your DCA would have tried to call the previous collection agency or American Express with a settlement offer but they would have refused to deal with your DCA. The reason being as per American Express policies, outside collection agencies have been restricted to deal with a DCA,however if you are looking to settle your account, I can help you settle this bill,plus can give you a better offer than any DCA could negotiate on your behalf

Instruction: Wait for the response.if response is No then

Speak: The Idea is, I do not want your efforts to get wasted, as your American Express account will stay unresolved due to the restriction we have.

Instruction: Wait for the response.if response is Yes then

Speak: Offer SIF , or refer SIF script

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