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Last updated: March 11, 2019
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Speak: What If I show you a way ,which will help you with the funding to settle this debt in full, then I am sure I have your commitment on that, right?

Instruction: If cm says Yes, go to Explaining benefits and convenience

Instruction: If cm says No, but I don’t have the money neither the means to fetch it

Speak: Exactly that is why I am asking, if I show you a way to get the funds, then I have your full commitment to do so right?

Instruction: Cm says Yes go ahead

Speak: Mr xxx as you stated that you have been banking with a credit union for xxx amount of years,(1sec pause) I would suggest you approach your local credit union for a personal loan to settle/pay in full this debt. I mean the best part about a local FCU is that they will finance you even if you do not have a great credit, and that is because(pause) unlike other financial institutions who review your credit, they review your length of employment and the ability to set up payroll deductions Trust me, Most consumers I have helped before, have successfully settled their Debts by taking help from their credit unions

Instruction: Customer says not sure

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