Consumer Does Not Feel That They Know Or Trust Us

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Speak: Nationwide Credit, Inc. is one of the largest and oldest collection agencies. We have been in business for 60+ years, serving our clients and assisting consumers just like you. Nationwide Credit, Inc. also sent you a letter telling you we were now involved in the collection of the debt at American Express’s request.

Speak: We really do want to help guide you through a difficult financial situation and resolve this debt. I understand your apprehension. If you were to call American Express, they would confirm that your account has been placed with Nationwide Credit, Inc. We are handling the account on their behalf.Additionally i can give you specific details pertaining your account, like the cancellation date on your card, Last charge date, Payment dates and history and if i have your permission i can disclose the Name of the bank you used to make a payment on this American Express account

Speak: This should answer for all your apprehension, Correct?, (so immediately continue with the conversation)

Speak: Are you willing to continue this call or would you prefer to speak with a manager?

Instruction: If the consumer still doesn’t want to, end the

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