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Last updated: March 11, 2019
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Well I am glad that you at least tried to the best of your ability to honor the arrangement; however it’s really unfortunate to know that even after all your efforts things did not fall in place. Now since you did everything from your end, I really feel obliged to ensure you still get a chance to turn this around. Like they say that there is no harm in trying, lets at least take a few minutes to see if anything could be worked out before giving up on this completely.

First I want to understand if it’s the time frame that’s too small to work with or is it just the payment size. If it’s just the amount then I am willing to get a special approval from my higher authorities, to make this convenient and easier to work with. I will split the amount in such a way that it will not only ease your burden but also ensure that your settlement / PPA / Reinstatement offer stays Valid and remains Unaffected.

However if it is the time that is making It seemingly difficult then I can always go back to the concerned authorities to try and get you an extension on the same. Please let me know how can I assist you.

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  1. Please transfer this article to the Section Promises Related Objections. there are 3 articles in that section which deals with the similar Payment related issues. This article is very close to those situations.


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