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Last updated: March 11, 2019
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Speak: I’m calling on a recorded line. This is (Collectors Full Name) calling from Nationwide Credit, Inc. Is this Attorney / law firm name?

Instruction: Pause for response.

Speak: I’m calling to confirm representation for your client, (BCM’S Full Name). Before I proceed, I must inform you that this call will be recorded or monitored.

Speak: we have been advised that you were representing (BCM’S Full Name) in a pending bankruptcy.

I am calling to confirm whether you are still representing (BCM’S Full Name) in a bankruptcy filing and to secure a case number and chapter number if available.

Instruction: *If more than one person exists with the same name:

Speak: We’re looking for (BCM’S Full Name), who has an American Express account with the last 5 digits as XXXXX.

Instruction: **If more than 1 person exists with the same name and same digits for the account number: Please ask for the last 4 digits of the customer’s social security number, or their year of birth.

Instruction: Let them confirm. – If bankruptcy HAS been filed and the account was included, STOP all collection efforts and conclude the call.

Speak: If bankruptcy has NOT been filed

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