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Last updated: March 11, 2019
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Collector: Would you be interested to receive email communication from Nationwide Credit, Inc.

Instruction: Wait for the CM’s response, if ‘No’ update the ‘EM’ screen. If ‘Yes’ proceed further with the requirement for email communication.

Collector: “To update your email address on the account, request you to verify your date of birth”

Instruction: Wait for the CM’s response, if the DOB provided by the CM doesn’t match with the DOB on the ‘EM’ screen, do not proceed with request and use the following script:

Collector: Unfortunately, we will not be able to register you for email communication at the moment due to system restrictions. We will check this and
get back to you.

Instruction: If the DOB provided by the CM matches with DOB on the ‘EM’ screen, proceed with the request. Obtain the email ID if there is no email ID on the account. OR Confirm the email ID if there is an existing email ID on the account.

Collector: “May I have your email address?” OR “Please confirm the email address”

Instruction: Provide the email consent disclosure

Collector: (NCI BAU) “By providing your email address, you are authorizing Nationwide Credit Inc. and American Express to contact you at this email address. If at any point you want to withdraw your consent, please click the ‘Unenroll’ option in the email or call Nationwide Credit at (NCI call back number)

Please be advised that:

  • If you provide access to your email account to any other persons, such persons may be able to read the emails that we send to you
  • If you have provided your work place email, it may be subject to your employer’s email monitoring policies and therefore may be read by your
  • Some written communications will continue to be sent via regular mail


Thank you for your consent. Wherever applicable, you will also receive email communication.
if an email contains an attachment, it will be password protected. the password is your Date Of Birth in [YYYYMMDD] format.


NCI Uses its letter vendor – High Cotton to send letters via email to CM / Authorized Third Party in all states except New York (NY) state on accounts with email consent.

NCI Sends the following letters via email on AMEX iCollect Accounts

      • A50 – OASIS Application Letter.

NCI Sends the following letters via email on AMEX BAU Accounts

      • A52 – OASIS Telephone Confirmation Letter
      • A91 – Reinstatement Confirmation Letter
      • A50 – OASIS Application Letter

NCI Sends the following letters via email on AMEX BAU Accounts except New Mexico (NM), Nevada (NV), Maine (ME)

      • A98 – SIF Agreement Letter
      • C61 – SIF Confirmation Letter
      • A68 -SIF Completion Letter
      • A99 – PIF Agreement Letter
      • A67 – PIF Completion Letter

Note: NCI AMEX BAU and AMEX iCollect does not send letters via email on accounts which do not have Card Member’s Date Of Birth, AMEX Corporate Accounts and Attorney only accounts.


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