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Last updated: March 11, 2019
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  • New business will not be churned in the query as and when it’s informed so please ensure it’s activated, worked, and dialed appropriately.
  • Check/Send A01A on SEN/ATS accounts on day 1 as required
  • 4 Attempts need to be made on the virgin business, limited to 10 dials on the account.
  • Dial up on your own virgin biz before 3PM EST when asked for the day
  • Request for BU, get an MN search done, and also update MUST CALLS
  • XF in the command control, put SP’s FIRST AND LAST NAME and then enter to ensure we update SP info
  • ATTY accounts needs to be checked and updated with information available on LT or GN:
  • ATT accounts needs to be checked for follow up to ensure we do not miss out on settlements
  • C/O needs to be updated before the ATT name on the DMS screen.
  • Dupes needs to be called personally as it will not churn in the query.
  • New business needs to be checked after each query gets over for UN-Dialed accounts
  • Skip tracing needs to be completed the day the business if assigned, do not maintain a backlog for ST.
  • Follow up on all contacts will be for 5 days, new biz accounts will be moved on 10% of the BIF collected
  • Account will be moved of the coll who is absent for that day, to the one who will be servicing the a/c at first
  • Minimum of 350 calls required before log out
  • Do not wait back to complete our calls wait back for putting extra efforts that’s needed
  • Always plan your breaks in such a way that we are present atleast at the time when the new biz query is churned
  • PUNCTUALITY: The success had always belonged to those who chose to finish their work ahead of time
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