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Last updated: March 11, 2019
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  • Given your circumstances, my client is willing to make a compromise to create a win-win situation on your account.


  • We can help you save a huge portion of your account balance by offering you a settlement on the account and at the same time help you lessen the burden of your financial obligation as well.


  • You don’t have to go through this alone. You can count on us to offer our expertise in helping you resolve the account.


  • I first of all would like to Thank you for showing positive intentions in resolving this account and letting us know that you do intend to pay on this account rather than not paying and letting the account be moved to the next level of collections.


  • We believe that you do deserve a second chance as you’ve been an exquisite card-member with American Express for a very long time hence you have an opportunity to get yourself (Optima or Reinstatement).


  • The more u can initially put down, the lower I can get your payments for and the longer I can stretch it out.


  • You can trust me Mr/ Ms this is not an option that’s made available to every card-member.


  • This money saver option that I have offered you right now is your choice just for today and I am not obligated to offer you the same settlement for tomorrow.


  • It would be in your best interest to make arrangements with me at this time against allowing this account to move to further course of collection activities.


  • If you have the time and information at hand we could review the options and check what best plan could be made available to you before the offer expires.


  • The settlement provided to you is based on your hardship to ease the burden of your financial constraint. This will help you save a huge amount (mention the savings amount) and at the same time help you get rid of this debt once & for all.


  • However if I don’t have a commitment today I do not guarantee you will have the same offer available in the near future & we are not obligated to renew the offer for you.


  • If you do not make reasonable arrangements today by taking steps to resolve this account; our ability to assist you may lessen. Getting started today with payments is extremely important.


  • I exactly know how owing a debt feels like but I may be able to offer you a potential way out of this debt and will be able to help as I have been able to help a lot of customers in a similar situation.


  • Do you have any amount left in your 401k that you can borrow against? I have suggested this option to many card members in a similar situation and they have been able to take advantage. The interest you pay to borrow against your 401k will be paid back to you and you could borrow more for other needs.


  • I am calling to check if the balance could be paid off today as the temporary PPA is over (start the call as a fresh call altogether right from probing on finances and negotiating and letting the debtor know the previous arrangement is over and it was a temporary arrangement offered taking his financial situation at that time into consideration)


  • If I were to look at all of my customer files, I know there are few who find themselves in similar situation like yours who I am working with on a regular basis to get out of their debt.


  • Though I cannot say that I fully understand your hardship but I do want to let you know that I am currently in touch with a lot of my customers facing the similar situations and I would like to think I have a fair understanding.


  • I work in a way that I can provide you with need based solutions by asking a set of specific questions. This works for both of us. I have been able to customize payment plans for other customers who find it to be quite convenient without breaking their banks.


  • Though it may seem like you have explored all options, you will be surprised to discover a few more of them as we speak. let’s get started!


  • I believe in keeping in constant touch with my card members to keep updated about how comfortable they are with the payment arrangement plan and customize further as we go. So it is always important that you always call us back when your contact details change or are updated.


  • Till the time you show intentions to pay we have options to back them and work with you on a positive note.


  • I exactly know how owing a debt feels like but I may be able to offer you a potential way out of this debt and will be able to help as I have been able to help a lot of customers in similar situation.
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