Tax Refund Script

Tax Refund

The 1st quarter of the year gives many an opportunity to overcome a lot of financial challenges as they expect tax refunds money to come in. How much of it are u anticipating this year?  Refer to Tax Refund in under Money Sources

(Set up a temporary payment plan till the money comes in & let the consumer know the optima/RI/settlement offer will be valid till he/she gets the tax refund money)

Tax Refund Schedule

If the IRS accepts your return by this dateThen your refund should be directed deposited by this date.Then your refund check should be mailed by this date.
January 27February 07
February 14
February 03February 14February 21
February 10February 21February 28
February 18February 28March 06
February 24March 06March 13
March 02March 13March 20
March 09March 20March 27
March 16March 27April 03
March 23April 03April 10
March 30April 10April 17
April 6April 17April 24
April 13April 24May 01
April 20May 01May 08

Important Notice:

SegmentSIF Percentage
Primary ChargeHIGH55%

Cut-off Dates
29th January, 201929th July, 2019
26th February, 201929th August, 2019
28th March, 201926th September, 2019
28th April, 201929th October, 2019
29th May, 201928th November, 2019
27th June, 201929th December, 2019