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Thanks Giving Bonus

Thanksgiving bonus

Thanksgiving bonus is one of the great source to pay delinquent bills, most of my customer have already committed to pay a certain amount from their bonuses, how much are u expecting from your thanksgiving bonus this year?

If consumer says no, ask them so are you expecting Christmas or a year-end bonus?

Christmas Bonus

Christmas bonus

During the Christmas season numerous employers issue bonuses to their employees as a gratitude of the hard-work done by them so how much are u expecting from the bonuses.

Year End Bonus

Year End bonus

Due to the approaching holiday season and also the closure of the year I wanted to know what are u expecting from your Thanksgiving or Christmas or Year End bonus.

Tax Refund

Tax Refund

The 1st quarter of the year gives many an opportunity to overcome a lot of financial challenges as they expect tax refunds money to come in. How much of it are u anticipating this year?  Refer to Tax Refund in under Money Sources

(Set up a temporary payment plan till the money comes in & let the consumer know the optima/RI/settlement offer will be valid till he/she gets the tax refund money)